Latrice Harris


Bringing honesty, accuracy and ease into every transaction...

In 2001 while working as a stay-home mom to 4 kids under the age of 6, I decided that I wanted to work part-time away from home.  Having a friend in real estate, I was convinced to join her team as a buyers’ agent and have worked as a REALTOR ever since.

I believe that it was initially my desire to converse with persons over “knee-high” that drove me to work away from home.  Through the years, the flexibility that real estate has offered, communities that I’ve connected with and the fellow REALTORS that I’ve met have kept me engaged in real estate.

I am a natural communicator and enjoy meeting and getting to know people.  As a REALTOR, I’ve found this to be a favorable attribute.  It makes for a much smoother process when a buyer and sellers wishes have been heard, understood and effectively incorporated into the transaction.  My approachability and easy-going style has fared well.  I strive to bring honesty, accuracy and ease into every transaction.